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Temecula Carpets, Inc. has been a staple in the Murrieta community since 1979. We offer the finest flooring in the Valley and perform all services with the utmost professionalism, knowledge, and care. We are convinced that you will agree that our team is the greatest. Call us today and tell us how we can help you with your flooring needs! We will gladly speak with you and come up with innovative ideas to give you the flooring you so richly deserve.

Full-Service Flooring Company in Murrieta

Temecula Carpets carries only the greatest flooring, and our pricing is unbeatable. We attempt to meet all of our customers’ needs, whether they be vinyl plank, hardwood, laminate, or carpet. Each kind of flooring has its own set of benefits, which we’ve detailed here.


When it comes to Murrieta flooring that emphasizes economy and durability, laminate is a wonderful option. Aside from its low cost, laminate flooring has a number of advantages that should be considered. Homeowners value its great durability, as well as its resistance to dents, stains, and scratches, making it ideal for high-traffic areas and households with pets or children.

Laminate flooring requires little maintenance – a simple sweeping and mopping regimen can keep it looking beautiful. While laminate floors are moisture-resistant, they are not completely waterproof. They are UV-resistant, hypoallergenic, and simple to install. The broad assortment of styles, which combine style and simplicity, makes laminate a perfect choice for attaining various looks without increased expenses or unreasonable maintenance requirements. Laminate can easily simulate the appearance of stone, hardwoods, or tile, making it an excellent choice for a variety of interior design purposes.

Laminate is more stable than hardwood, with less sensitivity to contraction and expansion when exposed to humidity. It is renowned as a stable flooring solution and can be chosen for its long-term and environmentally beneficial properties. This DIY-friendly and adaptable flooring is still popular among homeowners looking for an inexpensive way to enhance their living areas.

When you browse our exclusive laminate flooring collection, you’ll notice our unwavering commitment to quality. Our selection showcases the greatest laminate possibilities, emphasizing long-lasting quality, outstanding craftsmanship, and innovative design.

Peruse our stunning variety of options from well-known manufacturers like:




Diamond W


For those who want a home that beckons family and friends to unwind, carpet stands out as an excellent choice. With a diverse range of colors, patterns, and textures available, our flooring company offers the opportunity to personalize your interior effortlessly with new carpet. The plush feel of carpet invites you to kick off your shoes and relax, making it particularly well-suited for spaces like bedrooms, living rooms, or playrooms. Moreover, in homes that tend to be chilly, carpet has the added benefit of creating a warmer ambiance during colder seasons.

Whether you favor the luxurious ambiance of plush carpet or value the unmatched practicality of a low-pile option, our flooring service in Murrieta is delighted to assist you in discovering the ideal solution. Recognized for its sound-absorbing qualities that minimize echoes, carpet proves to be an effective way to reduce noise throughout your home. Additionally, it is a practical and wise choice for households with children or elderly individuals, as its non-slip surface enhances safety and diminishes the severity of injuries in the event of accidental falls.

Carpet flooring combines low upkeep, low cost, and versatility. Its simple replacement guarantees that updating your home is a painless process. We provide many sustainable solutions for people looking for eco-friendly flooring. Overall, carpet is a welcoming and adaptable flooring option that transforms practically any space into a fashionable and pleasant hideaway.

Temecula Carpets provides the pinnacle of luxury with the finest carpets from leading manufacturers. Our collection features excellent craftsmanship, timeless designs, and remarkable materials, guaranteeing our customers experience the ultimate most comfortable, stylish, and durable flooring.

Choose from a wide selection of carpet options from:


Dixie Home


Revolution Mills


Godfrey Hirst

Anderson / Tough Decks




Hardwood flooring promises an abundance of character and charm if you love a warm, classic look. Hardwood has the remarkable power to transform even the most lifeless and dull spaces into smart, beautiful ones. Because you can choose from a seemingly limitless selection of finishes and wood species, it’s easy to combine your new floors with design schemes ranging from modern to classic and far beyond. Hardwood flooring is long-lasting and may be sanded and refinished multiple times.

While hardwood floors may appear initially costly, they stand out as a smart investment that appreciates over time. Discerning homeowners appreciate the heightened property value and aesthetic appeal they bring. If you desire a timeless look that never goes out of style, hardwoods are an excellent choice. Engineered to endure daily wear and tear from active families, pets, and other heavy foot traffic, they also boast the added advantage of being easy to maintain and clean.

Hardwood flooring is popular among allergy sufferers because it does not trap allergens like carpeting does. Enhanced indoor air quality is especially advantageous for people who suffer from respiratory illnesses. Furthermore, modern hardwoods are sustainably obtained, offering an environmentally sensible decision. All in all, hardwood flooring is both aesthetically beautiful and functional in any environment.

Temecula Carpets takes pride in offering only the finest hardwood flooring options from the finest manufacturers. Our unwavering commitment to quality guarantees that our customers get expertly made hardwood products of the greatest quality at our flooring store, delivering lasting beauty and unrivaled beauty on a consistent basis.

Your flooring contractor will help you choose from an abundance of hardwood flooring options from:

Anderson / Tough Decks

Garrison Woods

Diamond W



Dixie Home

Vinyl Planks

If you like the look of wood flooring but want a more budget-friendly flooring option, vinyl plank flooring is a good choice. Modern vinyl flooring can be just as attractive, warm, and fashionable as hardwood floors, but it is more affordable and low-maintenance, making it very appealing to homeowners. Vinyl planks have a genuine wood grain pattern and a wide range of style and color possibilities, allowing you to design a cohesive look.

Our flooring service customers are enthusiastic about the enhanced water resistance of vinyl flooring. This characteristic may be especially appealing to pet owners or parents of young children. Its longevity and ease of upkeep make it an excellent choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms, and its functionality is absolutely astonishing. Vinyl flooring can withstand almost any challenge, from heavy foot activity to pet traffic to spills and beyond.

Vinyl planks are softer and more pleasant to walk on than hardwood floors or tile because they feature underlayment beneath their surface. They absorb noises exceptionally well and are also fade-resistant. Many DIYers believe vinyl to be the easiest flooring option for self-installation, so if you want to save money on installation, you may want to explore this option. Vinyl flooring is visually appealing, adaptable, and long-lasting.

Temecula Carpets is committed to providing each customer with the greatest flooring choice possible. Every premium vinyl plank option we offer demonstrates our dedication to excellence.

Choose from a number of cutting-edge vinyl plank options from well-known manufacturers like:






Modern Surface



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