5 star ratingTemecula Carpets is a friendly, family owned business. They are knowledgeable about their products and very affordable. I highly recommend them. You'll get straightforward information and help with your floor covering needs.
Roberta M. Avatar
Roberta M.
5 star ratingDon't be "CRAZY" !!!If you buy carpet anywhere else,You are "CRAZY" everybody losses money.Temecula Carpets Inc40 years /since 1979/ family owned
Russ B. Avatar
Russ B.
5 star ratingI do carpet cleaning and repair including re-stretching so see a lot of bad loose carpet installs I'm asked to fix and carpets they install seem to never need re-stretching. I think they do a great job at installation and at a very good price so I recommend them to my customers in need of new carpet.
John H. Avatar
John H.
5 star ratingAfter weeks of running around town pricing carpet at big box stores and not being satisfied with either customer service or pricing, we stumbled upon Temecula Carpets. And we are so happy we did. We knew what carpet we wanted. We knew the prices around town. Temecula Carpets had the best pricing and the best customer service. They measured and installed within one week. We have had the carpet for two months now and continue to love it. The nice store owner gave us very useful and helpful tips on how to maintain the longevity of our carpet. We will honestly never waste our time looking at flooring anywhere else.
Jennifer S. Avatar
Jennifer S.
5 star ratingWe did our homework and compared prices, so that you don't have to. Temecula Carpets has been around a long time and beat all of the other prices that we compared. Russ was super nice in locating a carpet that we liked and installed in lightning speed. The install is the cleanest and nicest fit that I have seen! Super professional. We will be back with other jobs at another time. Thanks Russ and crew!
Joel P. Avatar
Joel P.
5 star ratingHave to leave a review to voice the sane customer! I have been a customer of this store multiple times over the past 14 years and we are more than pleased EVERY time! Every person I have encountered with them has been personable, knowledgeable and very helpful. Not sure what exactly people are expecting other than knowledgeable staff, great service, top notch quality product, amazing pricing, superior installation and fast delivery....but they check off every thing on my list! They are a family business, which matters to me, I would rather support that over some chain store with substandard qualifications and subpar service. These people KNOW THEIR STUFF! Shop here with confidence and you will see :) THANK YOU TEMECULA CARPETS!!!
Tami E. Avatar
Tami E.
5 star ratingWow I got a great deal! Russ can to my house and gave me a price that was a lot lower then the other two quotes. The crew that installed the flooring were very nice and left the house very clean. I was very happy with the price and they backed it up with great service.
Bob L. Avatar
Bob L.
5 star ratingWe needed to replace the 14 year-old carpeting in our two bedrooms. Visited the showroom where there were plenty of choices. We were told the color for the one we selected would be produced in Georgia on a specific date and that it would take 9 days to get here after that. That is exactly what happened. We received a call telling us it was now in stock and set up an installation date just two days out... on a Saturday much to my surprise. I was a bit surprised when told that it would be just one installer, but was told he was clearly the consummate professional and had been doing this work for over twenty years. He was exactly that. He moved all of our heavy furniture himself and put it all back again. He even noticed that our old vacuum cleaner had no height adjustment for the deeper pile we chose and informed us it would either burn up the vacuum or ruin the carpet! Not that I wanted to buy a new vacuum, but he certainly saved us from a potential disaster! All of this at a competitive price. We would definitely use this company again. P.S. We only dealt with gentlemen, so no rudeness to report here.
Beth C. Avatar
Beth C.
5 star ratingDid my whole house for cheaper than anywhere else I called. Did great work and they had great service the whole time. My house looks great now thanks to their business. I also like that its family run business. Will not hesitate to go back for my future needs.
Dan R. Avatar
Dan R.
5 star ratingI have two rental properties in Corona that Temecula Carpets installed flooring in. Laminate and carpet in one, and laminate, carpet and tile in the other. Both came out great! Robert did a fantastic job installing all materials, including a difficult staircase of laminate. You would never know how crooked the walls are after his expert install. Russ Brill, the owner came out for measurements of all flooring. He was prompt and thorough and the prices, fantastic! Hardly any waste. I've had many flooring jobs done using other companies and it seems like there is always way too much extra material leftover-material that I paid for! I am very happy I gave this company a chance and I recommend them to anyone who wants expert installation, fair prices and fantastic results!
Doug D. Avatar
Doug D.
5 star ratingTemecula Carpet is a family owned business and I've been dealing with them for some 20 plus years... I have know idea who the posts above are talking about, but Pam is very helpful and she even offered my kids suckers when they were getting bored being at the store... there prices were fair and the instal has always been first class!
Lauren H. Avatar
Lauren H.
5 star ratingI think the best part about Temecula Carpets is that they are a family owned business and sure of their quality and pricing. They don't fall over themselves for you but that's OK. They are honest and quality from start to finish. Their installer, Robert, is very professional and polite, I felt 100% confident leaving him alone for hours. My floor was complicated and he worked non-stop and FAST all day for 3 days until it was finished. I had a few issues which were resolved to my satisfaction. I would recommend them to anyone looking for quality, fair-priced, flooring.
Mida G. Avatar
Mida G.
5 star ratingI feel compelled to write a review, to address the complaints that the "old lady should be used to people dying." Firstly, I hope that there never comes a time that I will be so selfish and unemotional to not have empathy for someone who is experiencing death. The person who died was one of Lavon's oldest friends. Jerry was the best friends of Lavon's deceased husband. They have so many shared memories over their 35 year friendship. He was not sick, not unhealthy, and his death was unexpected. I wondered if Temecula Carpets would close, but they are family owned, entrenched in the community and as business owners, pushed forward. What dedication.They do have the lowest prices, and professional service. They are a small family owned local business, sometimes you are going to have to wait a minute while they finish a personal phone call. They get no breaks, eat lunch at that desk, (that's if there aren't customers when lunch is there). I hope that people can see past this review for what it is. Temecula Carpets is a great company, with good people inside it and the best prices.
Erin B. Avatar
Erin B.